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WeAreLATech Los Angeles Startups Podcast, hosted by Espree Devora

About WeAreLATech & the founder Espree

About Espree

My name is Espree šŸ‘‹
Created WeAreLATech
so we could support one another  
while creating epic memories together
working in or on startups. 

I know first hand how difficult and 
at times exclusive 
the tech world can be

WeAreLATech champions people 
in Los Angeles tech and startup community
through our podcast and private event series

About WeAreLATech 

WeAreLATech has produced and hosted over 400 private events for the Los Angeles tech and startup community since 2012. Podcast launched in 2014 to celebrate people in LA tech as much as possible to help accelerate their startup growth.

Being featured on the podcast and attending our events has led to podcast guests  and event attendees raising money, securing new talent, discovering job opportunities and finding their co-founder.

WeAreLATech podcast has been featured on the homepage of Apple, Spotify and written about in Entrepreneur, Forbes. Hosted by Espree Devora, born and raised in LA, who built the first action sports social network. 


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About the Hosts

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