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Great show

Love this show, intelligent and fast paced

Silicon Beach rocks and Espree proves it

An absolutely awesome podcast highlighting the incredible LA Tech industry. So much happening here that it's impossible to absorb it all. But this podcast is a great place to get an overview. Great interviews with the people distracting in LA.

Technology with Heart

Espree brings topics which are relevant to LA's tech scene, and they always have a dose of heart. She's not in this for personal gain or notariety. She truly cares about our tech community, women in tech, social enterprise, and those doing good at the same time they are doing well. The WeAreLATech podcast series and #womenintech represent the tech with heart in LA.

Excellent for the LA Eco

Spree comes at you with all she has every single interaction you have with her. WeAreLATech is no exception, she does an incredible job bringing together entrepreneurs, business influencers and mentors that bring insight to Silicon Beach and surrounding areas.

Espree has the voice and the power!

I was lucky enough to meet Espree in San Diego this year and learned about her show. Episode after episode, Espree brings high energy, fresh perspectives and a key insight into the SoCal tech scene. I'm subscribed for 2015! Thank you Espree!

THE Podcast for LA Startups

Espree has her finger on the pulse of everything in the start-up world in Los Angeles. She's entertaining, passionate and has the ability to connect people like no one else. Her podcast is a "must listen" for everyone interested in west-coast start-ups..

Great information and awesome host!

Espree definitely knows her stuff and is pleasant to listen to. Even though I'm a developer from Milwaukee, I find her insight into the business side of things quite interesting. It's nice to see stuff through the eyes of non-tech people!

Great Show!!

Such a great resource for LA startup's. Lots of great info. I love it!!


Being from LA, this show really appeals to me! Looking forward to more shows!

Off to a great start

I’ve enjoyed the first two and can’t wait for more.

Listen up people!

This is an informative tech podcast for anyone and everyone wanting to start a company. Highly recommend this show for entrepreneurs. Living in LA or not!

Engaging, Informative, and Funny

Espree provides essential insight with smart, pointed questions that current and potential startups need answers to. Her guest, Damian Robinson, offers up information and strategy that's valuable regardless of the stage of your startup, even if it's still just an idea. I HIGHLY recommend a listen, you certainly won't be disappointed you did.

My favorite LA Tech broadcast

Espree is a great story teller and has a fantastic comfort within the LA tech community. Would recommend this to anyone within Silicon Beach.

Not from LA

Interesting and entertaining. Whether you're from LA or not, you should check this podcast out. I look forward to more episodes.

Let's Go LA Tech!

The cornerstone of the emerging LA Tech industry! Espree does an amazing job of bringing the LA Tech industry together. This is a must subscribe if you are a tech start up, especially if you are in LA! Joe Pardo Dreamers Podcast

Fun and Informative to listen to!

Espree’s new podcast is something I wished we had for startups in the NYC area. Fortunately a lot of the advice is applicable outside of LA as well. Keep up the great work!

11 Stars

Killer podcast. Super interesting and informative. You guys were cracking me up! Can't wait to hear more!!!!

Cheers to this podcast

Finally a great podcast on LA's startup scene from a leading journalist and expert in all things TechLA.


Espree tells it like it is and dishes the inside scoop on a town battling between ultimate beach heaven and tech launch pad. Keep up the good work!

Listen and Learn!

Espree does an amazing job at getting what you need to hear out of her guest. Super helpful and educational and most importantly ENGAGING!!!

THE startup podcast to follow

Learning about LA's startups with Espree Devora is a fun and entertaining way to understand the lay of the tech landscape. Her passion shines through in each interview and you can just feel her urging you to start that company you've been wanting to by placing fantastic resources right at your fingertips-- or earlobes. LA Startups Podcast is fantastic and I look forward to hearing more!

Incredibly Helpful

As a pr girl I've never ever thought about the importance of having a good legal team behind me. After listening to this episode it opened my eyes to the importance of having one and now I'm more in tuned when people talk about contracts and litigation deals. Looking forward to the next one!

Informative and FUN

I just moved to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, so I’ve been wanting to learn about the people, the technology movement, and learn a lot of tips and tricks along the way. Enter the WeAreLATech podcast. Well produced, well designed, and always something new to check out!

Always Engaging!

Espree is always entertaining, passionate and consistently has a fresh perspective. She is one of the biggest connectors I know and has her finger on the pulse of tech, especially in LA! She won't let you down!!

A "MUST listen to” for LA Startups

Congratulations Espree for launching the WeAreLATech podcast! From what i’ve heard so far this podcast will become the go to source for everything you need to know about LA Startups whether you want to build one or already have one. Interesting, fun, and full of value!

Great Startup Advice & Insight into the LA Tech Scene!

This podcast is an amazing resource. Espree's knowledge in entrepreneurship and the Los Angeles startup scene is very strong. Mix that with her great on-air personality, and you have an easy listening and informative podcast.

The 1st one will hook you in!

I couldn’t stop listening, I was hooked in the first 5 mins. The show's host Espree has been in the Tech Startup world for many years now, and has become an expert. I can’t wait for the next one. This is a fun and informative way of understanding the business while getting to know more about the LA Tech Startups community. I can already see that LA in a few years is going to become a beacon for new ideas in the tech startup world. I live in New York and even I can feel the excitement and energy from here. Listen in, it's going to be a crazy and amazing ride!

More than LA

We Are LA Tech’s podcast are beyond the scope of just LA. It’s great for any startup or soon to be start up. Espree brings in people who you will need to connect with to help make your own startup successful. With her raspy enthusiasm, Espree asks the right questions that make you pause and write down things she has said. Just in case I have the urge to try my own hand at creating something. Disclosure: I’ve know Espree since 2000. She asked me to listen to the podcast. I did. I found myself taking notes and I have no intention to actually starting a tech startup. None. But here I am, just fresh from taking notes. She has all the great qualities of a speaker than makes you excited about things you don’t normally care about. But now, this podcast is being added to my small list(3) of things that I will listen on a regular basis.

Great to have a podcast covering LA tech!

Kudos to Espree Devora for launching this podcast covering LA’s thriving tech community. Cool things are happening here, and it’s great to have the podcast covering the community.

Exactly what the LA tech community needs

Everyone in the LA tech needs to listen to this podcast. The host is fantastic & passionate and every episode is helpful. It’s great to see this helping to grow the community.